Video Of New York City & Montreal Drummers

It was my 30th birthday last week and as a massive present to myself I decided to take the trip of a lifetime to New York City and stay with my friend in Montreal.

Usually I'm teaching private drum lessons in and around the Southampton, Portsmouth and Fareham area so to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to visit a brand new continent was quite out of the ordinary for me. To say that I was excited was certainly an understatement!

Some of my drum pupils during drum lessons asked that I take lots of photos and some video of my travels. Whilst in these two amazing cities I did something even better...I checked out their world famous music scene. It would have been a crime not too and besides I needed my fix of drums while I was away from my drum kit for so long!

Montreal and New York City has some of the best musicians in the world and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Check out just some of the great music and superb drummers I got to witness on my birthday travels.

I'm back home on Sunday 31st October so if you're interested in booking any drum lessons with me or are looking for a drum teacher to help you with your drumming then please feel free to email or contact me any time.