New MASSIVE Book/DVD/Chart/Video Drum Lesson Package Deal!

Greatest Drum Beat & Grooves Multi Package DealLearn how to play over 240 of the Greatest Drum Beats & Drum Grooves ever performed with this massive 168 page help book & DVD video drum lesson package deal!

Learn how to drum just like the drumming masters by learning THEIR drum beats & drum grooves, note for note!

Every single drum beat is broken down and explained in great detail. Playing tips and practice advice are offered for each featured drum beat in order to help YOU learn how to play the drum beats quickly, easily and precisely.

This extensive drumming help book guides you by the hand, step by step through the best drum parts from over 130 classic songs (most songs contain multiple drum beats), performed by over 80 legendary drummers.

The DVD's that accompany this book contain over 120 High Definition mini drum lessons showing you the best drum beats from the book performed both slowly and at actual speed. You can view one of the 120 video clips from the DVD below (the DVD video quality will be much greater though).

DVD Sample Video (1 of over 120!)

The DVD also includes 4 mini video drum lessons teaching in greater detail the drum beats from 4 classic songs: American Idiot, Brianstorm, Scentless Apprentice & Toxicity. You can view one of these four video lessons below (the DVD video quality will be much greater though).

"American Idiot" DVD Sample Video Lesson (1 of 4!)

This vast DVD video learning aid, in combination with the books explanations and drum notation, will have you mastering these beats in no time at all!

Just imagine how much this 'fast track learning' drummers resource is going to help YOUR drumming. It's a masterclass showing you how to drum like the professionals!

  • Over 240 great drum beats, licks & grooves fully transcribed and explained.
  • DVD video drum lessons demonstrate over 120 drum beats (over 2 hours!), performed both slow and actual speed.
  • DVD's also contains 4 BONUS 10-15 minute drum lessons teaching you how to play the best drum beats from American Idiot, Brianstorm, Scentless Apprentice & Toxicity.
  • Features the best drum beats from over 130 classic songs.
  • Over 80 legendary drummers featured.
  • Each drum beat is broken down and explained in great detail.
  • Playing and practice tips offered for each drum beat.
  • Over 160 pages of drum beats & grooves!


FREE BONUS: 8 Full Length Video Song Tutorials & Charts WORTH £46!!!

As part of an extra free bonus, this package deal also contains 8 full length video drum lesson song tutorials for songs featured in the book, listed below. Each video lesson also includes the FULLY transcribed sheet music for the ENTIRE song allowing you to play the whole song from start to finish!

  • "Banquet" Video Song Tutorial & Sheet Music (50 minute video)
  • "Californication" Video Song Tutorial & Sheet Music (40 minute video)
  • "Dani California" Video Song Tutorial & Sheet Music (45 minute video)
  • "Everlong" Video Song Tutorial & Sheet Music (45 minute video)
  • "In Bloom" Video Song Tutorial & Sheet Music (45 minute video)
  • "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Video Song Tutorial & Sheet Music (40 minute video)
  • "The Rock Show" Video Song Tutorial & Sheet Music (45 minute video)
  • "Time Is Running Out" Video Song Tutorial & Sheet Music (45 minute video)

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Song Tutorial Preview Video (1 of 8!)


EXTRA FREE BONUS: 7 Full Transcribed Drum Charts WORTH £26!!

Also included in this massive package deal are a further 7 fully transcribed drum charts for more songs featured in the book, listed below. These drum charts are of the same quality included with the video song tutorials detailed above. Each drum chart details every single note of the song, written in full, from the start to finish!

  • American Idiot
  • Assassin
  • Brianstorm
  • No One Knows
  • Scar Tissue
  • Toxicity
  • Under The Bridge


PLUS MORE: 33 John Bonham Video Drum Lessons WORTH £25!!!

To make sure that this drum package deal really is the most comprehensive drum video package available anywhere, I'm also going to throw in my very popular "Bonham Ultimate Video Drum Lesson Collection" video package bundle, for FREE!

This MASSIVE package deal contains THIRTY THREE individual video drum lessons, teaching you John Bonham's GREATEST drum beats and fills!

That's over FIVE HOURS of quality video drum lesson footage in total, teaching you how to play the best drum parts to NINE classic Led Zeppelin songs. Five of which are featured in the book!

Each of the THIRTY THREE video lessons teach you a classic drum beat or drum fill from a Led Zeppelin song. Learn how to play the drum parts that made John Bonham a legend and one of the greatest rock drummers to have ever lived!

This Ultimate John Bonham Video Drum Lesson Collection teaches you the very best drum parts to the following nine Led Zeppelin tracks.

  • "Black Dog" (6 Individual Video Drum Lessons & Help Sheets)
  • "Dazed And Confused" (4 Individual Video Drum Lessons & Help Sheets)
  • "Fool In The Rain" (4 Individual Video Drum Lessons & Help Sheets)
  • "Good Times Bad Times" (3 Individual Video Drum Lessons & Help Sheets)
  • "Rock And Roll" (3 Video Lessons & Help Sheets PLUS special bonus lesson teaching THAT drum solo at the end of the song!)
  • "The Ocean" (5 Individual Video Drum Lessons & Help Sheets)
  • "The Immigrant Song" (1 Video Drum Lesson & Help Sheet teaching THAT drum beat!)
  • "When The Levee Breaks" (4 Individual Video Drum Lessons & Help Sheets)
  • "Whole Lotta Love" (3 Individual Video Drum Lessons & Help Sheets)

Bonham DVD Package Preview (Over FIVE Hours of Footage!)


Over 130 Songs Featured!

Check out all of the great songs the book, DVD's, video lessons and drum charts feature. Most of the songs included in the book have multiple drum beats, written over several pages. The number written in brackets next to a songs name indicates how many drum beats & grooves are taught for each song, JUST included in the book alone!

6:00 by “Dream Theater” (1)

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover by “Paul Simon” (1)

Addicted To love by “Robert Palmer” (1)

Ain't Nobody by “Rufus & Chaka Khan” (2)

All Right Now by “Free” (1)

Amen Brother by “The Winstons” (1)

American Idiot by “Green Day” (3)

Assassin by “Muse” (2)

Baba O'Riley by “The Who” (2)

Babylon Sisters by “Steely Dan” (3)

Back In Black by “AC/DC” (3)

Ball Room Blitz by “The Sweet” (1)

Banquet by “Bloc Party” (2)

Beat It by “Michael Jackson” (1)

Been Caught Stealing by “Jane's Addiction” (2)

Billie Jean by “Michael Jackson” (3)

Black Hole Sun by “Soundgarden” (2)

Blue Monday by “New Order” (2)

Brianstorm by “Arctic Monkeys” (1)

Californication by “Red Hot Chili Peppers” (1)

Candy's Room by “Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band” (3)

Chameleon by “Herbie Hancock” (3)

Chop Suey by “System Of A Down” (4)

Chuck E's In Love by “Rickie Lee Jones” (4)

Cissy Strut by “The Meters” (2)

Cold Sweat by “James Brown” (1)

Come Together by “The Beatles” (1)

Constant Motion by “Dream Theater” (1)

Could You Be Loved by “Bob Marley” (1)

Dance Of Eternity by “Dream Theater” (1)

Dance With The Devil by “Cozy Powell” (2)

Da Doo Ron Ron by “The Crystals” (1)

Dani California by “Red Hot Chili Peppers” (1)

Don't Stand So Close To Me by “The Police” (3)

Dr Feelgood by “Motley Crue” (2)

Englishman In New York by “Sting” (2)

Everlong by “The Foo Fighters” (1)

Everybody Wants To Rule The World by “Tears For Fears” (1)

Fell In Love With A Girl by “The White Stripes” (1)

Fields Of Gold by “Sting” (1)

Fire by “The Jimi Hendrix Experience” (1)

Fireball by “Deep Purple” (2)

Fool In The Rain by “Led Zeppelin” (1)

Fools Gold by “The Stone Roses” (1)

Funky Drummer by “James Brown” (2)

Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine by “James Brown” (1)

Give It Away by “Red Hot Chili Peppers” (1)

Go by “Pearl Jam” (1)

God Save The Queen by “The Sex Pistols” (2)

Good Times, Bad Times by “Led Zeppelin” (2)

Green Onions by “Booker T and the MG's” (1)

Highway Star by “Deep Purple” (2)

Highway To Hell by “AC/DC” (2)

Honky Tonk Woman by “The Rolling Stones” (2)

Hot For Teacher by “Van Halen" (2)

Hot Fun In The Summertime by “Sly & The Family Stone” (2)

I Keep Forgettin' by “Michael McDonald” (1)

Immigrant Song by “Led Zeppelin” (1)

In Bloom by “Nirvana” (2)

In The Air Tonight by “Phil Collins” (2)

Jailhouse Rock by “Elvis Presley” (1)

Kashmir by “Led Zeppelin” (1)

Killing In The Name by “Rage Against The Machine” (4)

Lapdance by “NERD” (1)

Like Eating Glass by “Bloc Party” (2)

Like I Love You by “Justin Timberlake” (2)

Longview by “Green Day” (2)

Love Rears It's Ugly Head by “Living Colour” (1)

Lust For Life by “Iggy Pop” (2)

Manic Depression by “Jimi Hendrix” (1)

Memphis Soul Stew by “King Curtis” (1)

Midlife Crisis by “Faith No More” (1)

No One Knows by “Queens Of The Stone Age” (2)

No Woman No Cry by “Bob Marley” (1)

Oakland Stroke by “David Garibaldi” (1)

One by “Metallica” (3)

Overkill by “Motorhead” (1)

Paint It Black by “The Rolling Stones” (1)

Panic Attack by “Dream Theater” (2)

Paradise City by “Guns N' Roses” (3)

Pick Up The Pieces by “Average White Band” (3)

Pretty Woman by “Roy Orbison” (1)

Pride (In The Name Of Love) by “U2” (2)

Quadrant 4 by “Billy Cobham” (1)

Raining Blood by “Slayer” (2)

Rock And Roll by “Led Zeppelin” (2)

Rock Around The Clock by “Bill Haley And His Comets” (4)

The Rock Show by “Blink 182” (1)

Rock Steady by “Aretha Franklin” (1)

Rosanna by “Toto” (3)

Roxanne by “The Police” (3)

Run To The Hills by “Iron Maiden” (2)

Scar Tissue by “Red Hot Chili Peppers” (3)

Scentless Apprentice by “Nirvana” (1)

Seven Days by “Sting” (2)

Sexy MF by “Prince” (1)

Sour Times by “Portishead” (1)

Stratus by “Billy Cobham” (3)

Sing, Sing, Sing by “Benny Goodman Orchestra” (1)

Smells Like Teen Spirit by “Nirvana" (2)

Soul Man by “Sam And Dave” (2)

Stream Of Consciousness by “Dream Theater" (1)

Suck My Kiss by “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” (3)

Sunday Bloody Sunday by “U2” (1)

Sunshine Of Your Love by “Cream” (1)

Superstition by “Stevie Wonder” (1)

Take Five by “Dave Brubeck” (1)

There Is by “Box Car Racer” (1)

Time Is Running Out by “Muse” (1)

Tomorrow Never Knows by “The Beatles” (1)

Tom Sawyer by “Rush” (3)

Toxicity by “System Of A Down” (2)

Under The Bridge by “Red Hot Chili Peppers” (2)

Walk by “Pantera” (3)

Walking On The Moon by “The Police” (6)

Walk This Way by “Aerosmith” (2)

War Pigs by “Black Sabbath” (3)

We Will Rock You by “Queen” (1)

What'd I Say by “Ray Charles” (1)

When The Levee Breaks by “Led Zeppelin” (1)

Whole Lotta Love by “Led Zeppelin” (1)

Wipe Out by “Surfaris” (1)

With Or Without You by “U2” (1)

Wonderwall by “Oasis” (2)

Word Up by “Cameo” (2)

You Really Got Me by “The Kinks” (2)

You Shook Me All Night Long by “AC/DC” (2)

YYZ by “Rush” (2)


Over 80 Legendary Drummers!

With this vast multi DVD/Video/Book package deal you'll learn how to play the best drum beats & grooves from the following master drummers!

Al Jackson Jnr, Alan 'Reni' Wren, Alan White, Alex Van Halen, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Bill Ward, Billy Cobham, Billy Gussak, Bobby Graham, Brad Wilk, Carlton Barrett, Chad Smith, Charlie Watts, Chris Hughes, Clem Cattini, Clive Burr, Clive Deamer, Clyde Stubblefield, Cozy Powell, Dave Abbruzzese, Dave Grohl, Dave Lombardo, David Garibaldi, DJ Fontana, Dominic Howard, Eric Fawcett, Gene Krupa, Ginger Baker, Gregg Errico, Gregory Coleman, Hal Blaine, Harvey Mason, Hunt Sales, Ian Paice, Jeff Porcaro, Joe Morello, Joey Kramer, John 'Jabo' Starks, John 'JR' Robinson, John Bonham, John Dolmayan, Keith Moon, Larry Blackmon, Larry Mullen Jr, Lars Ulrich, Manu Katche, Matt Cameron, Matt Helders, Matt Tong, Max Weinberg, Meg White, Michael Bland, Mick Tucker, Mike 'Puffy' Bordin, Mike Portney, Milt Turner, Mitch Mitchell, N'dugu Chancler, Neil Peart, Nicko McBrain, Paul Cook, Pharrell Williams, Phil Collins, Phil Rudd, Phil Taylor, Ringo Starr, Robbie McIntosh, Roger Taylor, Ron Wilson, Simon Kirke, Stephen Perkins, Steve Gadd, Steven Adler, Stevie Wonder, Stewart Copeland, Taylor Hawkins, Tommy Lee, Tony Thompson, Travis Barker, Tre Cool, Vinnie Colaiuta, Vinnie Paul, Will Calhoun and Zigaboo Modeliste.


In Summary: Look what you get...

  • 168 page pdf book detailing over 240 individual drum beats & grooves.
  • Learn the best drum beats from over 130 songs performed by over legendary 80 drummers.
  • Double DVD video supplement demonstrating over 120 of the best drum beats featured in the book.
  • 4 video drum lessons fully teaching four of the drum beats featured in the book.
  • 8 full length video song tutorials & fully transcribed drum charts for eight of the songs featured in the book.
  • 7 fully transcribed drum charts for seven more of the songs featured in the book.
  • Double DVD including 33 John Bonham video drum lessons & help sheets, teaching the best drum beats from nine classic Zeppelin songs. Five of which feature in the book.
  • Special 20 minute video lesson teaching you the drum solo at the end of "Rock And Roll" by Led Zeppelin.

So that's one detailed and comprehensive book, 4 DVD's, 2 CD's, 45 song tutorial video drum lessons, 15 fully transcribed drum charts, over 120 video demonstrations of the greatest drum beats ever played and over 12 hours of video drum lesson footage all in one heavily discounted package deal!



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