About Rob

Drum Teacher I started to play the drums at the young age of 9 after watching a documentary on Led Zeppelin and instantly falling in love with the drums.

In the beginning, I was self taught and spent a good hour or so most days of the week sat behind the drum kit, playing along to my favourite bands and drummers. I later received many hours of private drum lessons and went on to study drums professionally.

Over the years I've had the following drum related experiences...

  • Performing on live cable TV in London as part of a battle of the bands contest.
  • Played many festivals with crowds as large as 2000 people!
  • Supported great acts such as WISHBONE ASH and a side project band that 'Rhino' the bassist from STATUS QUO set up.
  • Been on a mini tour of the UK with one of my bands.
  • Recorded multiple albums with multiple bands.
  • Had songs played on local radio stations as well as "Radio One" thanks to Steve Lamacq!
  • Created "DrumsTheWord.com" - SEE BELOW



From 2000 to 2003 I studied drum kit at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.

During my time at ACM I studied under some of the UK's top drum teachers, as well as receiving drum lessons from MARK RICHARDSON (Skunk Anansie, Feeder), BILLY COBHAM (Jazz Fusion drummer/pioneer), ROD MORGENSTEIN (Dixie Dreggs), BILL BRUFORD (Yes, Genesis, Drumming GIANT), BOB ARMSTRONG (Famous British drum tutor) and CHAD SMITH (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

I now hold the following drumming qualifications...

  • National Higher Diploma in drum performance.
  • BA(Hons) Degree (First) in drum performance.
  • Guildhall Grade 8 drums (this was purely for fun).


Teaching Experience

I started teaching drums (only to my friends initially) when I was 19 and soon discovered that I had a knack for teaching drums and for explaining complicated subjects. A couple of years later I worked as a drum teacher at a local Music School in Southampton teaching 1st and 2nd Year Diploma classes the art of drumming. It was in 2000 that I decided to start my own teaching business and I haven't looked back since.

Since starting my teaching practice I have helped 100's of pupils of all ages and abilities to become better drummers. I now teach anything from 20-30 pupils a week as well as supply my teaching services to several local primary and infant schools.

Over the years of teaching drums I have been able to perfect my teaching style and syllabus. This allows me to pass on my skills to you in an easy, fun and informative way whilst also ensuring lessons are maintained at the highest possible standards.



DrumsTheWord.comDrumsTheWord.com was created by me back in 2007 as a place for drummers of all ages and abilities to meet, discuss and learn how to play drums just like their favourite songs and bands.

It has since grown into a massive online community with 1000's of drummers visiting each week!

This site offers drummers the chance to learn famous songs, drum beats, drum fills, drum solos and much more. The vast database of downloadable video drum lessons, drum charts and free video drum lessons is growing all the time!

I'm totally thrilled that DrumsTheWord has helped so many drummers to emulate their drumming heroes. Your kind support ensures that this website continues to grow and develop into one of the worlds foremost online educational drumming resources.

Let me now show you around the site...CLICK HERE!