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Korean DrummersIn my spare time between teaching drums I like to work on my other website www.DrumsTheWord.com as much as possible as it brings me enormous satisfaction teaching drums and offering drum education to millions of drummers online. If I can help just a few then I'm happy. Of course, I'm not doing this for free but I genuinely get great pleasure in helping others to learn the drums and to get where they want to be from behind the drum kit.

Indian DrummersIt was during a scan over my emails the other day that I realised I was getting a lot of enquiries from abroad. A lot of Americans but then other non English speaking countries too such as Korea, China, and western Europe. It still amazes me to this day really that so many drummers around the world are finding the drum tutoring I have to offer!

Even though there are English speaking people finding the online free drum lessons and free video drum lessons from Drums The Word I thought I could do more by translating as many web pages into various languages as possible.

I found the Google Translate tool and a way to embed it into my website and so am starting the translation purpose. I'm excited to find out how many more drum pupils I receive as well as how many more drummers get to learn from the drum instruction I have to offer. It's truly humbling.