DrumAce Blog - The "Bonham Bass Drum Triplets": Video Drum Fill/Lick Lesson

This drum lick idea involves playing three evenly spaced notes between the hand and the bass drum. The right or left hand can be used for this but it's usually the leading hand that starts this drum lick.

The "Bonham Bass Drum Triplets" can either be played as Right, Foot, Foot OR Left, Foot, Foot depending on which hand you want to lead with.

R B B or L B B

The important thing to remember is that the three notes are played smoothly to form a triplet. Three notes played in time with a pulse are commonly referred to as triplets. It's one of those subjects that are hard to explain using words and much easier to demonstrate using examples. A drum lesson with me would have you understanding this concept in no time at all!

This drum lick could be played using double bass drum pedals instead of the single bass drum foot for extra speed and power. Again, we would cover these ideas in a private one to one drum lesson with me.

The most common use for the Bonham Bass Drum Triplets is during a steady Hi-Hat or Ride cymbal based drum groove. The drummer could be playing a steady pulse of notes with their leading hand and would then drop in a flurry of bass drum notes in between the leading hand whenever the mood or music takes the drummer.

This drum lick should not be confused with the "Bonham Triplets" explained in this other DrumAce Blog article here. This is a different lick. Bonham was famous for using two different triplet based drum fill ideas and you might like to be aware of this to save any future confusion.

You can also view a more detailed free drum lesson on the Bonham Bass Drum Triplets from my sister site at Drums The Word. You can view the lesson by clicking here.

The Bonham Bass Drum Triplets