DrumAce Blog - Beginner & Easy Songs To Play Drums Too

I think one of the most important things a drummer can do when they're learning the drums, as well as once they're well established, is to play along to music. Nothing teaches more about how the drums work in a musical context than actually playing with other musicians or just along to music in your headphones.

The amount of drummers I meet that either don't or do not want to play along to music still amazes me. What else would you learn a musical instrument for if it wasn't to create or support live music and melody?! I always try and show my drum pupils during drum lessons with me the fun and enjoyment that can arise from playing along to your favourite songs and bands. Nothing is more exciting (in my opinion) than whacking on your favourite album and playing from start to finish...even if you don't know how to play the actual drum parts within the song. In fact, here's one of the points I'm trying to make with this article...

Important Point: You do not have to be able to play exactly what the drummer on record is playing. You can just have fun trying your own ideas and simplifying the drum parts you can't play. You can still enjoy the process of playing in time with a song using your own drum beats and fills rather than having to learn the drummers parts note for note. Have a go and over time you might even learn the parts naturally anyway. Worked for me!

There are so many subtle rules to playing the drums that it's impossible for any drum teacher (including myself!) to teach them all. The only way to really learn how to use the drums properly is to play along to music. With this in mind I decided to compile a list of songs that the beginning or inexperienced drummer might be able to play along too. I decided to compile a list of simple songs to drum along too from the top 200 singles of 2000. This year seemed like a sensible place to start.

Remember, you might not find all of these songs easy to play. Some are harder than others. But again, it's not necessary to play the exact parts note for note. Just play in time with your own ideas on songs you can't copy exactly and have fun. It's what the drums are all about!

Songs based in a triplet rhythm are marked with the word Swung in brackets. I intend to write a blog entry for each chart year. 2001 coming next.

So, in no particular order we have...

Simple beginner songs to drum along too (Chart Year: 2000)

  • It's My Life - Bon Jovi
  • AM Radio - Everclear
  • With Arms Wide Open - Creed
  • The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang
  • Deep Inside of You - Third Eye Blind
  • Natural Blues - Moby
  • Rock DJ - Robbie Williams
  • Music - Madonna
  • The Real Slim Shady - Eminem
  • American Badass - Kid Rock
  • Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
  • Sleepwalker - The Wallflowers
  • Why Does it Always Rain on Me? - Travis (Swung)
  • Stiff Upper Lip - AC-DC
  • Minority - Greenday (Swung)
  • Only God Knows Why - Kid Rock
  • South Side - Moby f/ Gwen Stefani
  • Taking You Home - Don Henley
  • Original Prankster - The Offspring
  • Rock Superstar - Cypress Hill
  • Sad Eyes - Enrique Iglesias
  • Mope - Bloodhound Gang
  • Thank You For Loving Me - Bon Jovi
  • Desert Rose - Sting
  • I Try - Macy Gray
  • Stan - Eminem f/ Dido
  • I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden
  • Safety in Numbers - Joan Osborne
  • Telling Stories - Tracy Chapman
  • Sour Girl - Stone Temple Pilots
  • Satellite Blues - AC-DC
  • Letting the Cables Sleep - Bush
  • Bohemian Like You - Dandy Warhols
  • The Way You Love Me - Faith Hill
  • I Am - Train
  • Painted on My Heart - The Cult
  • Breathe - Faith Hill
  • The Great Beyond - R.E.M
  • Angels - Robbie Williams
  • Yellow - Coldplay
  • Maybe Someday - The Cure
  • Say it Isn't So - Bon Jovi
  • Go Let It Out - Oasis
  • Breathless - The Coors
  • I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - The Jayhawks
  • Rise - Gabrielle
  • Aisha - Death In Vegas
  • The Cedar Room - Doves
  • Good Fortune - PJ Harvey
  • Trouble - Coldplay
  • The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret - Queens Of The Stone Age
  • Coming Around - Travis
  • Catch The Sun - Doves
  • Mr. E's Beautiful Blues - Eels